"Doctor's COSME" discovered during development of medicine for burns

The original medicine hastened the healing of the wound.
In addition, the skin around the wound that I applied the medicine on became beautiful.

The doctor was surprised at the effect and continued testing and research.
He discovered that carbon dioxide had a cosmetological effect and created a carbonated pack.



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Towards having fairer, bare skin compared to when using foundation


Let your cells rejuvenate.
Use high-concentration carbonated packs.

Using high-concentration carbonated packs will improve your blood flow and heal your skin.
These moisturize and restore your skin’s translucency and firmness.

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Doctor’s COSME is being used in luxury salons all over Japan

Doctors studied the skin and the cells and developed this cosmetic product for the purpose of giving people beautiful, bare skin.
No harmful ingredients to the skin are used.
PLOMB CELLULE is a cosmetic product that cleanses the skin while protecting the epidermis.

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