“Doctor’s COSME” was discovered while a medicine for burns was being developed

The original medicine hastened the healing of the wound. In addition,
the skin around the wound that I applied the medicine on became beautiful.

The doctor was surprised at the effect and continued testing and research.
He discovered that carbon dioxide had a cosmetological effect and created a carbonated pack.

Raw materials are natural products that have been around for a long time in Japan

No ingredients that damage the skin are used.
The raw material is a natural plant extract.

The ingredients of the product are all-natural ingredients used since ancient Japan

Approaching all cells of the skin

The beauty ingredients and roles given to each skin care product approach and activate all cells

An approach to all the cells of the skin

Do not use unnecessary ingredients for the skin

Weakly acidic, fragrance-free, and coloring-free



Start with a carbonated pack  炭酸パック
Prom Cellul is called Activate Mask (Carbonated Pack)
It started with one product.
When a customer received counseling from a professional and used this carbonated pack at a high-class salon, he was surprised at the beauty effect and received a lot of feedback from many people.
Received a lot of feedback and went to total research and development of skin care
We have received orders from salons nationwide by word of mouth, and we have received feedback and requests and expectations for more beautiful bare skin.
Then, thinking that “in order to pursue true skin beauty, it is necessary to improve not only carbonated packs but also fundamental skin care,” we started research and development of total skin care products.
Toner, serum, cream, etc. are born one after another  スキンケア
Utilizing the know-how of carbonic acid pack development, we devised a unique composition of ingredients and an optimal care method. Toners, serums, creams, sunscreens, etc. were born.
As a new carbonated pack, a green mask with enhanced aging care has also been added.
We put a role in each product.
Trial set sales start
In response to many requests for easier trials, we have started selling trial sets as mini-sized products.


Towards having fairer, bare skin compared to when using foundation

  • Skin Care
  • Mask

Trial SetTrial Set


Trial Set